Antonio Di Sabatino
Solutions Architect and Front Office Developer with more than twenty years of experiences in Treasury Capital Markets and Risk Management enterprise, financial applications

We design and build quick, fully custom solutions as scalable, reliable and tailored for your business requirements.

We are proud as our mission is to provide solutions with high added value on the top of your business processes.

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Professional Services

Kondor+ and KSP Services Pack
We can help your Kondor/KSP platform in building customizations, systems setting, business processes and custom workflows configuration.

KODNOR+ coming with several proposal services:

  • System Integration: development Import and Export Adapters
  • Tools for supporting Kondor Upgrade/Migration Projects
  • Solutions to process Business Intelligence on the top of Kondor+
  • Kondor Services API
  • Complex Custom Windows Implementation
  • Expose Kondor+ functions and services to REST API

KSP development services:

  • Working on KSP Designer to build new template
  • Writing NumeriX payoff scripts for pricing the Structured Products and exotics options
  • Integration External Libraries and plug-in into KSP
  • Quant Development support to Financial Engineer
  • Solutions to migrate Standard Kondor+ to KSP template
Please have a look at Kondor+ Services Pack - list of our experiences in the system.

System Integration
We can support your Integration Projects in building complete computer systems by putting together components from different vendors.

We work with different layers:

  • Tcp/IP Native API
  • ACE Specifications to implement network processes
  • Tibco RVD bus
  • Tibco EMS Queue
  • MQ Series

We work with different architectures:

  • Server Messages using Chain of Responsibility pattern
  • Multiplexing whit Reactor Pattern
  • Tibco RVD Bus for distributed applications
  • Bounded Blocking queue

Offshore Software Developer
Our mission is also to provide Off-Shore Software Development activities. We can integrate our services with your developers or we can provide our technology to support your business requirements.

We work for:

  • C++ Development Tasks on Unix (Solaris, LinuX);
  • Framework Implementation with Design Patterns and generic Class Template;
  • Consultancy for Relational Database Model;
  • VBA + Excel Activities;
  • Microsoft C# .Net Framework 4.0, 2.0;
  • Microsoft Sql Server 2008;

Mathematical Libraries
We have experiences in developmnet of financial and mathematical libraries and their integration into Front Office Products.

We work for:

  • Mathematical libraries development
  • Linear Algebra
  • Analytic Engines of closed formula
  • Development of Stochastic models and complex algorithmic
  • VBA/Excel integration of C++ Libraries

Web Development
We can support and increase your visibility and your business implementing professional web pages whit customized services and logo market.

We work whit:

  • Custom web pages via CSS
  • PHP standard script language
  • C++ CGI Server Messages

Customers Solutions
We can deploy our black box solutions to support your business requirements in Risk IT-Finance and Systems Integration.

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