Antonio Di Sabatino
Solutions Architect and Front Office Developer with more than twenty years of experiences in Treasury Capital Markets and Risk Management enterprise, financial applications

We design and build quick, fully custom solutions as scalable, reliable and tailored for your business requirements.

We are proud as our mission is to provide solutions with high added value on the top of your business processes.

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Our Benefits

Recently software development and systems integration become one of the most interesting and important area of IT-Finance industry.  Technical progress is very fast. It offers new opportunities, new challenges and new exciting services.

We can offer a great experiences and strong technical skills in integration of Front Office Applications. We can provide practice solutions in implementing of Unix server side processes using specific Design Pattern.

We can bring our long development experiences in commercial software of IT-Finance Industry to support and to improve your business solutions and provide to your projects high quality.

Our solutions and technologies are focused on C# .Net and C/C++ languages whit Object Oriented Programming and the most important libraries of the standard market:

  • STL
  • PosiX Multi-Threads
  • Boost Libraries
  • Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE)
  • Template Generic programming
  • Policy classes, Type Trails and Function Type

We would like to provide our solutions with professional approach, oriented to solve your problems with generic framework using Classes Template and standard Design Patterns to deploy flexible and reusable high quality code.

We have long experiences in development of quantitative framework and we could support your business for pricing Structured Products and OTC Derivatives.

We have worked close to Quant persons and financial engineers for deploying analytic engines to compute NPV, Sensitivity, Cashflows, for integration the Events in Back Office Products and for managing of Market Data in calibration issues.

We deal with:

  • Software Development;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Analytic Engines;

Technologies of a great expertise:

  • C++, OOD, STL on UniX Environment
  • C# DotNet Framework 2.0, 4.0
  • Template Generic Programming
  • Design Pattern: Compositor, Visitor, Adapter, Facade, Singleton, Observer, Proxy, Command, Abstract Factory
  • Loki Libraries: Policy classes, Type Trails and Type Function
  • XML Xerces Parser and Xsd Validation
  • POSIX Multi-Threads
  • Tibco RVD and EMS API
  • ACE Framework
  • VBA for Excel to integrate C++ libraries.

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