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System Integration Services

FinTech Software Solutions

The profile of Data Analyst and FinTech developer with twenty years of experiences in Treasury lagacy Systems and Risk Management enterprise, commercial, financial applications

Expertise of exotics derivatives and Structured Products for evaluation by Stochastics models and implementing of the whole lifecycle F2B - (Back and Middle Office)

Long worked experiences in world-wide financial services companies as CapGemini (1 year), ThomsonReuters (10 years), Misys (6 years) and Finastra (2 years)

We design and build quick, fully custom solutions as scalable, reliable and tailored for your business requirements.

We are proud as our mission is to provide solutions with high added value on the top of your business processes.

Projects Experiences

  • Kondor Services Pack
    coming with several proposal services as we can support your Kondor/KSP platform in building customizations, systems integrations and custom workflows development. Please have a look at
    Services Pack doc

    Posted on 02.07.2020.

  • Rest Server - December 2018
    Developement of Rest Server on back-end side to expose Kondor Services and custom tables to Rest API calls by web client dashboard.

    Posted on 14.12.2018.

  • Solver Tools - October 2018
    Driving the implementation of Solver Tool in Kondor+ for running the solver service and compute the market rates for different maturities of Yield Curves.

    Posted on 30.11.2018.

  • Regulatory Compliance for Mifid II and EMIR - May 2018
    Development the customization to deploy in Kondor+ the regulatory reporting on FX Forward and FX SWAP for Mifid II and EMIR.

    Posted on 30.09.2018.

  • Bonds Analyzer Tools, March 2015
    It's a financial Tools to calculate all the indicators for the Bonds in term of Yield of Maturity (YTM) and all the usual Macaulay, Modified Duration and Convexity numbers.
    Download the Bonds Analyzer Tools

    Posted on 25.03.2015.

  • Kondor Monitor Station Project, May 2013
    The Monitor Station is a client server risk solution to delivery some important features on Kondor+ :
    -- RealTime Moviments monitoring
    -- Export on Demand to IBM MQ
    -- Export To Import between different Kondor versions
    -- Massive Import on Demand whit Xslt Engine (Broker Message)
    Download draf presentation for Monitor Station

    Posted on 03.05.2013.

  • Istat SDMX Projects, Sept 2012
    The SDMX-Loader is a C# .Net software solution to load SDMX data file to database system and to generate xml file whit dynamic data aggregation

    Posted on 05.10.2012.

  • SDA Bocconi Projects, May 2012
    The project is a cooperation whit a professor to price several CCSwap deals whit CMS Spread and Corridor payoffs. We have developed custom libraries in C++ and integrated into C# Application (UI)
    References: Brigo&Mercurio to deploy the LFM and swap rate formula

    Posted on 01.07.2012.

  • TradeWizard Projects, Feb 2012
    TradeWizard is a .Net application to price structured products using NumeriX libraries, to receive the Reuters MarketData via SFC API and connect to Kondor+ via Kondor Gateway Server

    Posted on 15.02.2012.

  • ThomsonReuters, Marz 2011
    Kondor Export Import (KEI) is an Unix server-side process to synchronize multi Kondor sites to only one Kondor aggregator.
    The KEI follows the ACE Libraries Specifications ref to Reactor Pattern.

    Posted on 05.04.2011.

  • ThomsonReuters, May 2010
    Quantitative framework embendedd into KSP to price Forex and InterestRates products using BlackScholes and LMM Model whit MonteCarlo Engine

    Posted on 20.05.2010.

  • Reuters, Jun 2007
    Business Intelligence Module (BIM) is a software layer to integrate KSP with JRisk to generate aggregated Risk report

    Posted on 20.06.2007.

  • Reuters, Nov 2006
    NumerixWrapper is a dynamic library to call external financial modules from Kondor+ and pricing Equities Basket products

    Posted on 20.12.2006.

  • Our Services

    Do you need a ETL FrameWork for multi System Integration scenario ?
    Do you want to automate your front office business workflows ?
    Would you focus on Consolidating Your Systems and Simplifying Your Business ?
    Are you looking for a custom solutions and Processing Tools ?
    Do you need a Quant Developer for building cross-assets pricing libraries ?
    Are you looking for a Kondor+ Developer and implementation consultant ?

    Do you need expertise of Structured Products and exotics Derivatives ?

    If the answer is YES, we could provide you our services!

    Business Drivers

    System Integration 
    Strong technical skills and long experiences of deploying ETL Adapter and Integration with third party systems
    Quant Developer  
    Practice experiences of building cross-assets quant libraries to implement Stochastics Models with complex Numerical Methods
    Kondor Developer
    More than seventeen years of working experiences in projects on Kondor/KSP/FusionRisk. Ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions
    Please have a look at Kondor+ Services Pack
    Structured Products
    Best expertise on exotics derivatives and structured products business for pricing, NPV, Greeks computation.

    We offer you cost savings, flexibility and greater customer satisfaction through:
    Quality Our experiences and technical strength guarantee high quality of development.
    Flexibility Full availability for project, implementation and support.
    Market Rates As for practice and professional expertise

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